Are Brand Name Tools Better Than Generic No-Names?

Are you shopping around for tools and wondering if brand names are better than generic no-name products?

If so, here is your answer in a nutshell: YES.

Yes, well known and trusted brand name tools and equipment are almost always better than their no-name generic counterparts. Why? There are several reasons why this is so. Read on to find out about the advantage brand name tools, accessories and other workplace equipment have over the mass produced stuff.


Advantages of Brand Name Tools

You've probably seen them - cheapo tools and equipment at extremely low prices. But, before you let the low price lure you into buying any of these products, take a look at the advantages of buying brand names that are well established.

Here are some of the benefits of buying brand name tools and equipment:

  • Quality - Name brand tools have a reputation to maintain in the industry and have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that every product manufactured and sold under the brand name lives up to that name for excellence and high quality. In many or even most cases, there will not be that level of quality control in cheap, mass produced tools and equipment.
  • Durability - Name brand tools are made to be durable and provide a consumer with years of dependable service. Big companies that have been around long enough to build their brand are aware that repeat customers are the best customers. Therefore, they make good tools that a person will want to buy and use again. Shoddily produced tools are apt to be constructed of poor quality materials and simply not up to the demands that will be put upon them.
  • Efficiency - Brand names have teams of engineers, designers and scientists that work full time to develop tools made to operate with maximum efficiency so that they can get the job done right time after time. Generic tools are generally poor copies of high quality tools and not designed to operate in an efficient, productive way.
  • Warranty - Brand names are confident of the quality of their products because they know they are well made. So, that confidence is backed up by a warranty that will protect you in the unlikely event the tool or piece of equipment turns out to be defective in some way. You, in turn, have the confidence of knowing you are buying from a long established business that has been around for a long time and will continue to be around in case you need to use the warranty for one of their products. You will not have this assurance with a no-name, cheap tool that was made by a possibly fly-by-night outfit that might be here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Replacement Parts and Repair - Even the best tools may need replacement parts or repair at some point. When you buy a brand name product, you will have these services at your disposal and will be able to purchase replacement parts easily. Again, this is unlikely with cheap, no-name tools who might switch from making tools to making curtain rods from one month to the next.
  • Safety - Last but not least, brand name tools are a much better bet when it comes to safety. This is due to the rigorous quality control, testing done before they leave the factory, high quality materials and workmanship...all things you are probably not going to get with generic products.


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